Principal's Welcome Address

Welcome to Brightfield International Schools. I hope this prospectus answers some of the questions you may have about our school and give you an insight into the many curriculum and extracurricular innovations that we have, I believe, we produce excellence in all facets of our practice.

As the principal, I would view my most important responsibility as ensuring that all students can come to Brightfield International Schools and reach their potential in a safe, secure and in an excellent teaching and learning environment. Our enrolment, discipline, anti-bullying and pastoral care policies exist to ensure that this happens. Our students are encouraged by our excellent team of teachers to work hard and reach their potentials. We believe that all our students can at the very best reach their goals. Our students are supported by our guidance and care teams who are there for them at all times. We believe that our students are equipped with life skills for the future and a pride in them.

We will endeavour to make the transition from Primary to Post Primary school for all students as easy as possible. We look forward to meeting with them on Enrolment day and on Induction day. By the end of August summer school, they will have spent time in Brightfield, sampled some of the subjects and will have met their administrators and teachers. In this prospectus, you will come to learn about some of our excellent facilities including our computer room, our art & graphics room, our well-equipped general classrooms and our new indoor sports hall.

Brightfield School is well represented in a wide and varied range of sporting and extracurricular activities. Our teams have won numerous honours and individuals have excelled in various activities. I can assure you that my excellent team of teachers, staff and I will endeavour to help your wards to integrate fully into our school community and to reach his/her potential. We will always be available to discuss your concerns and to help the students solve their problems in all facet of life. I am so grateful for the help and cooperation that I have received from parents in the past and look forward to working with you in the future.