We are a multi-dimensional college open to all students in the surrounding area under the patronage of Mr Sabinus Odi. In July 2013, Brightfield International Schools had free summer school for the students in the surrounding area with well over 500 students both junior and senior classes. And on 23rd of September, 2013, the school opened formally with about 10 students and 16 teachers. The proprietor of Brightfield International Schools having lived in Dopemu Area almost all his life and seen the poor structures of most schools in the areas and the poor quality of education being offered in the so called schools, deemed it fit to contribute his own quota to complement the effort of the state government in providing quality education in most convenient and conducive environment that will help to raise quality leaders in the school and society. The college has about eight special rooms which are physics laboratory, chemistry laboratory, Home-economics, clothing and textile room, audiovisual room and basic technology workshop.



Mission Statement

Our mission is to cater for students from diverse backgrounds – A sound moral and discipline approach underlines all aspects of school life with healthy competition encouraged.


To educate for life
To promote tolerance, justice and respect for all
To encourage teamwork and respect individuality.
To nurture ambition pride and confidence in one’s own ability (self-esteem)
To motivate our students in the pursuit of a high standard of academic achievement and critical thinking by providing a varied range of learning experiences and a varied range of teaching excellence.
To work in partnership with parents in the promotion of the overall good of the student, acknowledging the role of parents as the primary educators of the child.

School Management Board

The Board of Management manages the school on behalf of the patron and for the benefit of students. Its job is to make sure that the school is run efficiently and provides all students with a good education. The Board of Management includes representatives of parents, teachers, trustees or patron, the principal and the community